The Postcard Project

I’m coping with the cold weather this year by clearing out my house. This is a painful process for me because I try to be a good global citizen and recycle or donate as much as possible. I don’t like waste, and I hate the idea of stuff sitting in a landfill.

Plus I’m irrationally attached to objects if someone I like gave them to me. And I have a lot of people I like. And they are pretty generous.

But I’m putting on my big girl pants and mucking out the house, one drawer or closet at a time.

This week it was my bedside table, where I store cards and stationary. I found a stack of postcards from all over the world — fun pictures of places I visited. Maybe I meant to mail them to someone and never did. Maybe I just liked the picture.

But they aren’t much use sitting in a drawer for my children to chuck out after I’m gone.

So I’m starting the Postcard Project, where I randomly send postcards from the pile to people I love. No rules except 1) I must use a postcard I’ve already purchased and 2) I must like the person I’m mailing it to.

No reciprocation necessary.

I hope it brings a smile to my friends’ faces.

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