Letting Things Go

Christmas Time is here.

Christmas stress is here.

Christmas time is here.

It’s been a stressful December for me. The combination of a late Thanksgiving, a heavy dose of denial and a freak snowstorm that kept me housebound for seven days has left me with too much to do and not enough time to do in it.

Approximately 1.75 million blog posts on the Internet would tell me that the way to deal with this type of stress is to exercise, eat vegetables and let things go. It’s been tough to exercise (see snowstorm reference above) and the vegetables have been in short supply (ditto).

So letting things go seems to be the only option I have left. The question is, however, what do I give up? We’ve already stopped buying presents for everyone except immediate family. This year I also skipped the school holiday food drive and the 4th grade Christmas party. My house is not clean. The decorations are minimal. I didn’t buy a gingerbread house, and I gave up the idea of kid holiday crafts that are cute enough to give away.

It seems that once you’ve already cut back on obligations, there’s not much left to let go of.

Because there’s a lot of things you just can’t let go of. Kids need fed. Laundry must be done. Dogs need to be walked. Groceries must be bought. I would say houses must be cleaned, but that seems to be inaccurate in my case.

Which leads me to the conclusion that an exhausted working mother reading blog posts about how to “let things go” is not unlike a drowning person looking up the best way to do the butterfly stroke.

It’s a solution for the wrong problem.

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