Sick Day

This morning on Facebook (where else?) I found this link to a New York Times article about how time off actually makes you more productive.

It was a serendipitous moment for me.

I’ve been fighting a cold all week, coupled with working far more than normal under very stressful conditions. The house is a mess, the laundry piled up, and my To Do list got very, very long.

I got my son to his basketball practices and my daughter to her gymnastics class. Homework got done, eventually. Valentine’s cards were signed. I fed the kids breakfast, lunch and dinner. I mowed the lawn. The trash and recycling was picked up. The dishes are in the dishwasher. I accomplished the basic necessities, although not much more.

But my body is done, and it’s telling me in not-so-gentle terms that it’s had enough. I woke up sick at 3 a.m. this morning. I canceled my plans for today because what I really need is to rest and let myself be sick.

Because I know that I can’t do it all, and this week has proven it.

I think I’ve worked myself into a sick day. And the only way to change that is to let myself be sick.

Happy Sick Day. Here’s to a smarter work week ahead.

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