I have a six-year-old daughter in Kindergarten. I see her face in every photo of the children murdered yesterday in the Connecticut school shooting.

Yes, murdered. Why does the news describe it as a “shooting?” Why don’t they call it what it was?


He didn’t just shoot them. Didn’t accidentally kill them. He murdered them. In cold blood.

Parents are afraid. It can happen anywhere. And it has happened here, in my own community, where other children died. Children who were murdered, then forgotten after the news media left town.

It’s time to remember.

When are we ready to stop with the snippy 2nd ammendment memes and have a real conversation about these tragic events and the challenges we face as a nation?

My heart goes out to the families of the victims — all of them, including the traumatized children who saw their classmates die, who had to run from a building that should have been a safe haven.

We owe it to them to call a spade ” a spade.” To call this tragedy what it was.


And we owe it to those children to be angry. To face our nation’s problems with violence, guns and a pathetic mental health system with clear eyes.


It’s time to say it loud.


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