A Golden Day

Sand DollarA few weeks ago, we had the Weekend from Hell. It was one of those weekends that should have been fantastic, but completely sucked. We were in a beautiful place with great weather and two kids who could not stop bickering with each other. Hubby and I were despondent, and I never finished my blog post about it because I just didn’t want to relive a single moment.

So imagine my surprise at this day, which I will now called the Golden Day, where we took another short family trip and it was fan-fricking-tastic. No fighting. No fussy kids. No fits. Just six hours at a very cool water park.

It was a dangerous expedition. We have two parents who have head colds. We have two kids recovering from head colds. We were heading to an unknown place, and we weren’t completely sure what we were getting ourselves into.

And it absolutely rocked.

Never underestimate the power of low expectations.

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