I Ran My First 5K. I Am Not Making That Up.

I Ran My First 5K

Check out our gift to ourselves — new running shoes!

I ran my first 5K this weekend. I ran the whole way — no walking at all.

Anyone who really knows me has probably fainted away after that first sentence. Because the fact I can run at all is nothing sort of revolutionary.

I confess I was nervous about running the 5K. There would be a lot of people around, of course. And I was afraid I’d feel, well, a bit out of place. Because nothing about me looks like a runner. There are no clothes in our local running shop that would fit me. And there aren’t that many people running around this city that look like me either.

But none of that really mattered once I showed up at the race. It was a beautiful day, and I had my fabulous friends and family running with me and cheering me on. And the only thing that mattered in the end was that I did it.

I ran a 5K.

And I am not making that up.

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