Crabby Patty

Get Off My Lawn!

Get Off My Lawn!

I’ve been a bit cranky lately. My beloved computer has given me the Blue Screen of Death a few times lately, and I fear for its longevity. Hubby wisely advised me to buy a new one before this one dies. I know he’s right. However, the process of buying a new computer and transferring my files makes me, well, less than pleasant to be around.

I took his advice and bought a new one. And I’ve been moving email and financial files over the past few days. It’s still not done.

My mood was not improved by the realization that Hubby accidentally installed an older version of my financial software because the new software was hiding in an inappropriate place on my desk. Sigh. Organization kills me every time.

At least he figured it out. After I spent much of today trying to figure out WHY my file wouldn’t open.

Did I mention I’ve been less than pleasant to be around lately?

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