I Am Disproportionately Proud of My Garlic Crop

Fresh Garlic from My Garden

Fresh Garlic from My Garden

I am disproportionately proud of these little garlic bulbs that I grew in my backyard.

Like any true desert rat, the idea that things grow in the dirt (!) is always a little surprising, even after nearly 20 years in the Pacific Northwest.

I’m not a natural gardener. I’ve had some successful crops — but usually they must be things that can stand some neglect. I had an excellent lettuce crop last year, plus some decent potatos. I had a couple good years of pumpkins and gourds. This year, most of my tasty things fell prey to slugs and insects and drought. But the garlic… oh, the garlic! My little garlic bulbs did well!

I’m bracing myself to make my dear friend Ann’s creamed garlic recipe — 2 cups of fresh garlic, 1/4 of a white potato, 1 cup of lemon juice and 2 cups of oil (not olive oil), all pureed in a blender.

So if you are offended by garlic breath, you might want to give me a wide berth over the next few weeks. Because I plan on enjoying every one of these little guys.

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