Bad Days

Sand DollarIt’s been a whirlwind of bad news around here lately. Lots of little things and a few big things.

I’m frustrated by others who are in a state of inertia. I’m feeling unappreciated by many. I’m tired of pettiness. I’m angered by cruelty. I’m enraged at injustice. I’m intolerant of ignorance. I’m annoyed at my aging body. I am afraid.

I am afraid.

Saying it aloud makes it better. You wouldn’t think so, but it does.

I spent a great deal of time in my youth ignoring unpleasant feelings. As an adult, I now try to acknowledge, to feel each one intensely, to give it my full attention so I can let it fall away. I have been looking at each of those feelings in-depth, particularly fear.

Fear is a big one. It lurks inside, sometimes disguised as anger, frustration or something else. It can rule a life, if you let it. I know. I have.

I’m learning to acknowledge the fear. It takes away its power.

After 40 years, I know that this too shall pass. Some of my darkest days always fall right before some of the best times. The trick is to get through the dark part without losing sight that better days might be ahead.

Some days it’s easier said than done. Today is one of those days.

And tomorrow is another day.

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