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Thoughts on Announcing Your Divorce on Facebook

Since I’ve reached a certain age, I’ve noticed that I don’t get very many wedding invitations any more. In fact, I think it’s been a good four or five years since I’ve been invited to a wedding. Which might mean … Continue reading

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Why I Strongly Dislike Mother’s Day

Tangent: My original title was, “Why I Hate Mother’s Day,” but if you have small children, you know the word “hate” is frowned upon, and sometimes outright banned, starting in preschool. Part of me has an issue with banning a … Continue reading

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I Do Not Have Cancer

I do not have cancer. That’s a sentence I’m very pleased to be able to write. Because for a few days here, I didn’t know if that sentence was true. For a few days, I glimpsed a different path — one … Continue reading

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Bad Days

It’s been a whirlwind of bad news around here lately. Lots of little things and a few big things. I’m frustrated by others who are in a state of inertia. I’m feeling unappreciated by many. I’m tired of pettiness. I’m angered by … Continue reading

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Weather Appropriate Clothing Disorder

The same child who begs and begs and BEGS to wear thin, cotton sundresses in mid-winter got her opportunity today  when it finally hit the high 70s around here. However, I nixed her suggested accessories of… drumroll, please… a thick winter … Continue reading

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Happy May Day

May Day is not exactly a holiday around here. It gets lost in what I call the Spring Stress season (when the lure of summer is close, the irritation of homework is at its peak and the complicated sports schedules … Continue reading

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