The No Eating Out Trial: The Saga Continues

So, we started this “No Eating Out” Trial a few months ago. It was more successful than we thought it would be, once we got over the restaurant cravings, so we’ve kept it up with a slight modification. Our goal is now simply to limit our family to two restaurant meals a month.

At first, we’d hit that limit within the first week of the month. (Honestly, the first few days of the month.) So the long weeks after would involve a lot of cooking. Eventually, however, we got a little smarter. We saved one meal for a special trip to a favorite out-of-town restaurant located near the place we were visiting for the day. We were very proud of ourselves, and truly enjoyed that unusual dining experience.

And then everything went to hell.

Just like anything that requires behavior modification, we did fine until something came up that essentially derailed our good intentions. This time, there were several somethings. Visits from out-of-town relatives. Family drama. Extreme stress. Travel. Confined spaces. In short, typical life stuff that turns good intentions into another meal any place where they cook it, serve it and clean it up.

To make a long story short, we’ve had a rough month, and it’s reflected in our eating habits.

But the thing about falling off the wagon is that you have to get back on again. So we’re letting ourselves get over it by learning from the issues that took us back to old habits and starting fresh again.

It’s a new month. Back on the wagon we go.

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