Snow Day

Hey, it snowed here. In March. When it was officially spring. Because apparently Mother Nature is really confused about seasons this year.

Snow Day in March

Snow Day in March

I knew all that sunshine in December was going to come back and bite me. It did — in the form of two snow days right before Spring Break.

The first snow day, like all snow days, was very fun for the first four hours. There was a lot of snow on the ground — perfect for snowmen and snowballs and snow forts.

Then we all realized how wet and cold we were, so we went indoors and stayed there for two days.

We were a little cabin crazy by the end of the second day. I was thrilled when the rain started and the snow melted away.

The kids had one more day of school before the break, and I happily dropped them off on Friday morning.

Happy Spring?

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