Nutella is Delicious. Why Didn’t You Tell Me?

I have discovered Nutella. I know… old news. Half my Facebook friends have been posting Nutella recipes for years. But I’m slow to adopt, plus I confused it in my head with Marmite, which is not the same delicious thing at all.

NutellaMy son wanted to try it because a friend eats some sort of Nutella sandwich at school. I bought a little snack pack to share during a weak moment at the grocery store. (Sidenote: why does a shopping trip with small children always go haywire at the very end? What is it about the checkout line that brings out the worst in all parties involved? Is there such a thing as bad checkout line karma?)

Anyway, we brought the little Nutella snack pack home. Then we opened it. After the first bite, I had to exhibit some serious restraint not to eat the whole thing myself. Chocolately sweet hazelnut goop? Yum. Yum. Yum. That stuff is delicious.

My current fave is Nutella and pretzels. The salty-sweet combo is excellent for the taste buds.

Now I’m on the hunt for Nutella recipes. My only regret is it’s taken me so long to discover it. All the Nutella I could have been eating over these past 40 years. What a waste.

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