Reunited… Thanks to Facebook

It’s been a little quiet and a little boring in my life lately. Not that I’m complaining (I thrive on boring), but it doesn’t make for good blog fodder.

Until… I got a message on Facebook last week.

An old friend was coming to town. This in itself is unusual, since people don’t come to my neck of the woods frequently. You have to make an effort to be here. It takes committment, planning and a little bit of strategy.

So someone emailing me to say they were going to be in my hometown is certainly newsworthy on its own. What’s more… she wanted to come and meet the whole clan!

Now, I know I wrote a whole story about people reuniting via Facebook, but that was just a story. This was real life — an honest-to-gosh Facebook reunion.

This person and her family were significant influences in my youth. They helped me and my family during a life-changing crisis, and I was thrilled that they wanted to see me again after 20 years.

I couldn’t wait… I expended a lot of nervous energy cleaning my house and drilling my small children on proper etiquette. The house was (a little) cleaner, and the kids were kind of confused… but it all worked out in the end.

We had a lovely evening — talking about old friends and what we’ve been doing for 20 years. It was a lot of fun to stretch out the brain cells, and I remembered things that I never realized I’d forgotten.

It was fun to see how little my friend had changed, as well as meet the next generation — her kids and mine. I found the whole thing comforting, as well as a nice reminder that it’s important to talk to real people once in a while.

So, thank you Facebook. I owe you one.

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