Valentine’s Day in Elementary School

My son is in second grade. It is Valentine’s Day today, which means we spent last week carefully choosing Valentine’s Day cards for each and every one of the 29 kids in his class.

Each card had to be perfect. No mushy stuff for the boys. Nothing too gooey for the girls. (I had a flashback to my own 2nd grade Valentine’s Day, where I purposedly picked out the “ugly” cards and gave them to the boys I thought were “icky.”)

Then we had another round of careful sticker selection, where each choice was weighed as to its appropriateness for the intended recipient. Apparently Angry Bird stickers can say a lot about one’s personal feelings.

Oh, and to make matters even more complicated, I bought him a bag of candy to tape to his valentines, which required more forethought as to which kid got what kind of candy. Reese peanut butter cups went to his favorite friends. The rest got either Hersheys bars or Kit Kats. (Dear Self, Just buy one bag of the same type of candy next year. Love, Me.)

Compare this ordeal with my daughter, who simply picked up a random Hello Kitty card and wrote a friend’s name on it, then tape a package of fruit snacks to the top.

Man, life gets complicated around age 7.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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