Magic Pants

Magic Pants

Magic Pants

Once upon a time, I went to a store to shop for new clothes. I had just had my second baby, and my body was… well, not what it used to be. I spent a lot of time at the store trying on clothes that just did not fit. (I also watched a friend of mine who had not had children try on clothes at the same time. I did not strangle her. Bonus points for me.)

I found a pair of black pants. I tried on these black pants and was thrilled that a) they actually fit and b) they did not come from the maternity section of the store. I bought them.

Oh, how I wish I could go back to that day. Because if I could, I would walk back to the rack of black pants and buy every single pair in my size. Because these pants were MAGIC pants.

They looked ordinary. You wouldn’t know they were special. I certainly didn’t at the time. But these black pants held magic powers.

They hit the tummy bulge that comes with child bearing. They did not give me a muffin top. They looked dressy enough to wear to conferences and meetings. Yet they were as comfortable as sweatpants.

Magic, I’m telling you. Magic.

I wore them everywhere: work, the park, conferences, the mall, home, the playgrounds, soccer practice, ballet class… you name it, my magic pants were there.

We were a team.

Sadly, after four years of very frequent wearing, my magic pants lost their magic. They actually disintegrated.

I was inconsolable.

I’ve been on the hunt for new magic pants. I’ve been back to the same store several times, searching for something similar. I’ve tried other stores, but nothing has come close. I’ve searched high and low, but magic pants are elusive. Do they only come once every 40 years?

Magic pants do exist. And I believe in magic.

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