Blue Monday

Blue MondaySo, apparently there’s something called Blue Monday, which may or may not be the third or fourth Monday in January. If that’s not vague enough, you may or may not feel depressed on this day. Depending, of course, on the weather, how much you spent last Christmas, the number of holes in your socks, and whether or not you’ve been taking your Vitamin D tablets.

Since this is the fourth Monday of January (and since my short-term memory loss has resulted in no memory from the third Monday of January, which was, after all, a full week ago), I’ve declared today my Blue Monday.

And that simple declaration makes me feel better, somehow.

It hasn’t been my best day. There was a fit from a certain small child. There was an unexpected loss of a crown (the tooth kind). There was a scheduled dentist appointment and some more bad news related to teeth and my wallet. There was the sick spouse. There was a lot of email in my Inbox, none of which contained the words: “You are the winner of our free two-week Hawaiian holiday cruise.”


So, Blue Monday it is!

Hope your Blue Monday is going better than mine.

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2 Responses to Blue Monday

  1. tsx15 says:

    It must make for a really blue Monday when it involves something related to dental work. At least it was only a lost crown (which I didn’t know your could lose, I’m glad I know now) and not a new one.

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