Why I Love the Pancake Pen

Note: This is NOT a paid endorsement. Once in a blue moon, I actually find a kitchen product I like. What are the odds?

We got a Christmas present from one of my husband’s coworkers. I had never heard of it before, but the label said it was a Tovolo Pancake PenTovolo Pancake Pen.

Pancakes are a staple in our lives because we 1) have two small children and 2) they like pancakes. Also, given our lack of love for cooking, pancakes rank high among the parents for being both easy for us and pleasing to the small ones.

I didn’t truly understand the magic of the Tovolo Pancake PenTovolo Pancake Pen at first, but I thought it would be fun to make some Mickey Mouse or heart-shaped pancakes, just to up the charm factor on a Saturday morning.

But then I tried it.

First, of course, I did it wrong. I tried to mix the batter in the Pancake Pen. More experienced cooks wouldn’t have even attempted to do that, but there you go. Once I figured out that wasn’t the way to do it and got the batter properly mixed up in a separate bowl, I started to see the wonder that is the Pancake Pen. Note: that part might be in their instructions, but I didn’t read them. I also hate asking for directions when I’m driving. Go figure.

I started with letters. My kids loved eating pancakes that spelled out their names. More creative people would make the letters so the pretty side isn’t backwards on letters like “R” and “K.” Eh. My kids didn’t care that much.

Letter pancakes made with the Pancake Pen.

Letter pancakes made with the Pancake Pen.

Then I tried some basic hearts and a My Pretty Pony head. (Squint a little, it helps.)

Hearts and Pony Heads made with the Pancake Pen.

Hearts and Pony Heads made with the Pancake Pen.

I got a little creative — butterflies and dog heads (originally a snail gone wrong).

Butterfly and Dog Head pancakes.

Butterfly and Dog Head pancakes.

At this point, I realized that I was having FUN. My kids were having FUN eating, and they kept testing my creativity. I was having FUN cooking. And that is a rare event indeed.

Pancakes as an art form. Awesome.

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