Yes, My Husband Cooks

So I’ve had a fair amount of feedback about our 30-Day No Eating Out Challenge, because I wrote about it over here at one of my favorite blogs, Get Rich Slowly. (Tangent: I love this blog — please spend some time browsing their articles. J.D. has some great stuff on there about a variety of topics related to personal finance. He’s developed a great community there, and some of the commenters offer great advice too.)

I felt the comments people left were very insightful on Get Rich Slowly, and I picked up some great suggestions for our next round of challenges (restaurant and otherwise).

Pumpkin Soup from a Real Pumpkin

Pumpkin Soup from a Real Pumpkin

I also posted the GRS blog on my personal Facebook page, and the feedback from there was more… um, interesting… than I imagined it would be.

First off, a few people among my close friends seemed surprised that my husband cooks. Yep. He’s perfectly capable of cooking. I really am surprised that my husband cooking seems so… surprising. My father could cook, although he did it less often than my mother did. I have male friends who are exceptional cooks, and I love it when we get invited to dinner at their house. Male chefs are on T.V. all the time. Why is it so surprising for a man to cook?

What’s ironic is that perfect strangers on GRS seemed to accept my husband cooking as a non-issue. But some of my friends found it extremely surprising.

Which, I suppose, should make me wonder what image they have of us if my husband cooking seems to be sort of odd.

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