Five Rules of Facebook Etiquette, Part 4: Status Updates

I’m working my way through my Five Rules of Facebook Etiquette this month. Catch up by reading Rule #1, Rule #2 and Rule #3.

My fourth rule on Facebook etiquette has to do with the ubiquitous status update. The status used to be one of my favorite parts of Facebook. Status updates have fallen out of favor for me because of one simple Facebook rule, which is often ignored by certain Friends.

Rule #4: Thou Shall Not Post Dull or Mundane Status Updates on Facebook

Look at your status right now. Does it refer to laundry, the weather or coffee? If so, you are guilty of a boring status. Thirty lashes with a wet noodle.

Remember, when Facebook asks, “What’s on your mind?”, it is assuming there is something on your mind.

I’ve been on Facebook long enough to remember what it was like before you could comment or like someone’s status. We had an excuse back then. Now, of course, you can measure the boringness of your status simply by looking at the number of Likes and/or Comments on it. Is everyone ignoring your statuses? Perform the test above.

And if you are copying one of those, “90% of people won’t post this as their status update,” or “If you love me, post a ❤ as a comment. Post this as your status to see how many people love you ♥” — those are the Facebook equivalent of chain letters. You have a moral obligation NOT to post those, people. Stop littering on the social network.

If you happen to have witty and intelligent Friends, as I do, you’ll also notice a low-level competition on who has the funniest, snarkiest or most insightful status updates. Be careful here. Both humor and heart-filled emotion are tricky things to navigate via bits and bytes. I’ve seen many attempts turn offensive simply from bad punctuation.

Last, but not least, quantity is important when it comes to status updates. No one needs a play-by-play of your daily errand list. Stick to 1-2/day, max. (I’m being generous here.)

I’ve got one last rule of Facebook Etiquette. To be continued…

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