Why I Don’t Like Christmas

Yep, I’m one of THOSE people. The scrooges. The grumps. The Ones Who Don’t Like Christmas.

If you are one of those other types of people, The Ones Who Love Christmas, you might as well stop reading now. You are never going to understand.

For the rest of you who either belong to the same group or who might be on the fence, welcome. Join me. Let us start our own club here.

Christmas is not my favorite holiday. Truthfully, it never really was. Maybe for a few years in early elementary school, until I figured out that the Christmases I saw on T.V. were not going to happen to me. It doesn’t snow in the desert, for starters. No horse-drawn sleigh rides in my hometown. And holidays often were a time of family strife, particularly among my boisterous extended family members.

Even the presents, which every kid looks forward to, felt a little anti-climatic after the first couple of hours. About age 10, I looked around my living room on Christmas Day and thought, “This really is just like any other day, isn’t it?”

We went to church on Christmas Eve, usually a candlelight service. I liked that because there was more carol singing on Christmas Eve. Keeping the Christ in Christmas? I like the idea, but have found little comfort in my religion lately. Christianity sometimes feels like it was hijacked by political interest groups. Plus, I found out Jesus was probably not really born in December. Sigh.

Not to mention my family seems to save death for times with close proximity to a holiday. Eh.

I tried harder after I had children. I wanted them to enjoy the holiday. I made the cookies and sent out pictures to relatives. I herded everyone in the car, and we went to look at Christmas lights. I helped them buy gifts for needy children so they could understand that not everyone has the life they have.

I found a new issue with kids and Christmas though. Turns out buying gifts for kids at Christmas is pretty fun. So fun, in fact, that my kids were often overwhelmed by the generousity of friends and family. And then I’m left with figuring out what to do with all that stuff after Christmas is over.

In essence, I haven’t really found a lot of things about Christmas that I like. It feels like a rather unpleasant list of chores without the sense of accomplishment when it’s over.

I’ve read all the magazine articles about ways to make Christmas less stressful. (The increasing number of these articles is a comment, I believe, on how far away we’ve gotten from the spirit of season.) Great advice, thanks. But I still feel like something is missing.

Let me know if you find it.

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