Maybe I Am Doing Something Right

SiblingsI’ve mentioned in passing before how parenting young children brings out a fair amount of insecurity for me. I know I’m not alone here — I follow plenty of “Mommy” bloggers who are much better at explaining the challenges and joys of parenting than I am.

But I wanted to share a rare moment that gave me hope the long-range goal of raising good human beings who will contribute to the betterment of society may still be within reach.

My daughter got in trouble last night. She did something she knew was wrong, and then she lied about it. In the process of doing the thing she knew was wrong, she hurt herself. Not too badly, but enough to give us a scare (as well as scare herself in the process).

After we cleaned her up and set her about her normal bedtime routine, I started gathering pajamas from her bedroom closet. I could hear both kids in the bathroom, talking as they brushed their teeth. Big Brother asked Little Sister a few questions about what happened, and then asked:

“Would you like a hug to help you feel better?”

I nearly melted right there.

When they are squabbling with each other like normal again, I will try to remember that moment.

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