A Month of Thankfulness

Practicing GratitudeI’ve watched over the past few years as my Facebook friends did a month of posts about thankfulness/gratitude for November, the month of Thanksgiving. For the most part, I found these charming. I decided I should participate this year. No particular reason, except I think expressing gratitude is a positive thing in today’s world, and I personally think I could use the practice.

It’s now just over a week into November… and I must say, being thankful is hard work. It’s not that I’m lacking in gratitude. But sometimes it’s hard to put that gratitude into words without sounding trite or smug. I was feeling rather burdened by the whole experiment until a couple of friends posted that they were enjoying my posts… which made me feel… thankful. And it renewed my energy towards the exercise.

I know there’s a lot of grousing in the world today about what we don’t have. Some people have good reason, I admit. Our world has big problems. Expressing gratitude doesn’t fix those problems. But shifting your paradigm to focus on what you do have can change your perspective. I’ve discovered perspective counts for a lot these days.

It’s hard because I don’t do it often. Which means maybe I should practice a heck of a lot more.

I’m trying.

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