Cleaning Out My Closets, Part 1

Remember how my kids’ stuff is threatening to overtake the house? Yeah, I started the clean out process. As promised, I involved them in the process, hoping the pain of teaching them to sort through their own stuff will pay dividends later on. Much later on, I’m assuming.

I started with my son’s closet because he’s older and his closet felt like the lesser of two evils. He did a decent job of sorting through his toys, and he even gave away far more than I thought he would. I’ve still got his desk and a secret drawer of junk to go.

I can’t get him to donate any of his stuffed animals though. Please, people, if you know a small child, never ever give them a stuff animal. They breed in closets. Stuffed animals are taking over our world.

My daughter’s room looms. Her closet is smaller, yet I think she has more stuff. She also wants to “inherit” some of the things my son was willing to give away. Didn’t foresee that little complication.

It’s a work in progress.

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