So What HAVE I Been Doing?

Things I Did NOT Do Today

Things I did NOT do today.

I got to go to lunch with friends yesterday. This is a rare event… it’s been months since I had a lunch date and at least six weeks since I had coffee with anyone who wasn’t virtual. Obviously, I need to work on my face-to-face communication skills. Not to mention my socialization with real people. But that’s another story.

Anyway, it occurred to me that because these events are so far and few between, when someone asks, “So what’s up with you? What have you been doing?”, I really should have an answer. I mean, it’s been months since I’ve seen these folks. Surely I’ve done SOMETHING in all that time.

Yet nothing comes to mind.

The problem with being a self-employed, virtual business owner with two small children is that my days are very busy, but the busy-ness doesn’t translate well into interesting chit-chat.

What did I do today? I got two small children to school. Dropped off/picked up one spouse from the car repair place. Took one dog for a walk. Had one conference call with a client. Sent 10 emails to other clients. Finished up one client project. Worked on two more unfinished client projects. Wrote one blog. Picked up one child from the bus stop. Picked up one child from school. Helped one child with homework. Paced around kitchen in search of inspiration of dinner. Cleaned up house. Got two children ready for bed. Fell onto couch exhausted.

That’s a pretty standard day for me, minus the two trips to the car repair place.

Not a lot of fodder for witty social exchanges there.

It’s something I feel like I need to work on. Because I do feel like sitting there with a blank look on my face when a friend thoughtfully asks about my life is not the best way to flex those afore-mentioned weaken social skills. Really, she deserves a better answer than, “Um… my dental hygenist thinks my flossing has really improved.”

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