Martha Stewart, Eat Your Heart Out

I’m not a naturally crafty person. Yet when I was checking out magazines while waiting at my kids’ doctor’s office, I found this very simple craft idea in Family Fun and got that old urge to try to make something.

The big advantage to this craft is I had everything on hand. Because nothing kills my craftiness like a trip to the craft store. (Don’t get me wrong, I like the craft store. But it gives me delusions of gradeur. See sentence #1.)

The big appeal was I had orange paint, empty glass jars and masking tape all easily accessible. So I rounded up the kids for an afternoon of crafting fun.

Working with the masking tape wasn’t exactly simple. Even my 7-year-old had his moments of frustration. We worked it out, but if you have small children, it’s probably best to have them draw the shape they want and then you can cut the tape yourself. If you have toddlers, do the taping beforehand, then bring them in to play with the paint. Because toddlers and paint are a match made in heaven. (At least, from their perspective. If you are the one cleaning up the mess, eh…)

Anyway, here’s the results. I’m pleased.

Jar o'Lanterns

Jar o'Lanterns

If I can do it, you can too.

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